Practice Charter


Key Information

We believe in the desirability of a good practice/patient relationship. We would ask that all times you show respect to our staff.

Suggestions & Complaints

If you have any suggestions whereby an improvement can be made to the services available to you as a patient, please contact our Management Team to let us know. We try to ensure that the doctors and staff provide a courteous and efficient service. We realise that occasionally things do not go as smoothly as we would like. If you think this has happened to you, please come and tell us so that we can help you to sort the problem out.

Primary Care Trust

The authority that covers this area is:

NHS North Yorkshire and York
The Hamlet
Hornbeam Park

Zero Tolerance

We strongly support the NHS policy on zero tolerance. Anyone attending the surgery who abuses the GPs, staff or other patients be it verbally, physically or in any threatening manner whatsoever, will risk removal from the practice list. In extreme cases we may summon the police to remove offenders from the practice premises.


Information is collected and held, often on computer, in order that you receive proper care and treatment. You have a right of access to these medical records.

The responsible use of this information is governed mainly by medical ethics but also by the Data Protection Act. Necessary information may be shared with other people involved in your care and with local and national NHS administration.

Your permission is needed before we can pass information to people such as solicitors and insurance companies. Where possible, information is given without personal identification.

Medicine Management Review Service

Your GP Practice supports a medicines management review service of medications prescribed to its patients. This service involves a review of prescribed medications to ensure patients receive the most appropriate, up to date and cost-effective treatments.

This service is provided by qualified and registered healthcare professionals from within the GP practice, our NHS Primary Care Network, NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group or by external partners approved by the GP practice.

Patient identifiable information does not leave the practice system but is accessed to ensure only appropriate clinical recommendations or decisions are made for each patient. Each patient can opt out of (or back into) the practice using their data for anything other than specified purposes or where there is a lawful requirement to do so.

Freedom Of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a publication scheme. A publication scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available. This scheme is available from reception.

PCT Audit

In order to ensure that the NHS receives value for money and to avoid fraud, the government requires the Primary Care Trust to check that we have done the work for which we claim fees. This may involve officers from the Primary Care Trust looking at medical records.

If you do not agree to this, please inform the practice manager.

Patient Advice & Liaison Service

PALS exists to improve the experience of patients and their carers. Its functions include:

  • To provide a source of information about NHS services.
  • To address patients’ and their families’ concerns.
  • To resolve day-to-day issues on the spot.
PALS can be contacted by telephoning 0800 06 88 000

GP Earnings

NHS England require that the net earnings of doctors engaged in the practice is publicised, and the required disclosure is shown below.

 However it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice. 

The average pay for GP’s working in Drs Webb & Crowther in the last financial year was £50309 before tax and national insurance, This is for 2 full time GP’s, 1 part time GP and 0 Locum GP’s who worked in the practice for more than 6 months.