Talking therapies

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About talking therapies

Talking therapies can help you with feelings of stress, low mood and worry. Your local IAPT team offers talking therapies. They are there to help you lift your mood.

All talking therapies are available free on the NHS and you can refer yourself. Getting support early on, when you notice a change in how you’ve been feeling, can help you feel
better faster.

The IAPT team will work with you to support you in the way that feels best. For example, some people find guided self-help really suits them. Others find counselling can help to lift them out of depression.

We encourage anyone who is finding life’s daily demands difficult to reach out. When you get in touch, there may be a waiting list. The IAPT team will let you know if this is the case and what to expect.

You can find out more and refer yourself on the IAPT website or speak to your GP, when you feel ready.