Community Connectors

Community Connectors help friends, family, colleagues and neighbours find support in their communities. They do this by signposting people to support services in areas such as health, housing, education, exercise and debt.

Community Connectors are members of the community who know what services, organisations and groups are out there in their own community. They are very involved in their local community and provide a bridge between local people and the services they need, and help to build community knowledge.

The more people there are out there that know what support is available, the more we can help each other as a community.

So, what does it involve and who can be a Community Connector?

Anyone and everyone can be a Community Connector – police, taxi drivers, hairdressers, students, doctors, café staff, supermarket staff, parents, grandparents, homeless people, job centre staff… anyone can signpost.

It takes just one hour of training.

We think of our Community Connectors not as volunteers, but as active citizens.

What is signposting?

What it is not:

What it is:

Who can signpost?

Anyone and everyone can signpost

Why signpost?

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