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Practice Newsletter

­­­­­­Welcome to the 1st edition of our Practice Newsletter.  We aim to produce our newsletter twice throughout the year and will include surgery updates within

Winter Pressures

Winter is the busiest period for the NHS, with increases in the number of people needing help across all services. Throughout Humber and North Yorkshire, accident and

Measles cases are rising

Measles is more than just a rash and can lead to serious complications including meningitis and blindness, particularly in babies and young children. In fact,

NHS Strike Action

This month, some NHS services may be affected due to strike action. Please continue to come forward for NHS care, if you need medical help

Talking therapies

About talking therapies Talking therapies can help you with feelings of stress, low mood and worry. Your local IAPT team offers talking therapies. They are

Flu Clinics

We will be running a pre-bookable clinic on Saturday 8th October for our patients who are 65 and over – you will receive an invitation

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal Ear syringing by general practice has never been funded in our area and based on national advice from the BMA the decision